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Quality first, reputation first

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Quality first, reputation first

Zhejiang Xinfeng pipe fitting co., LTD is located in wenzhou longwan lantian industrial park is a collection of research, development, manufacturing, measurement, sales, service as a whole and the production of various stainless steel pipe fittings ,  stainless steel flange.

Division I the spirit of" quality first, reputation first " purpose, in the overwhelming majority of users by the praise, progressive exploration, actively so that products truly meet the requirements of users, all processes are in accordance with national quality standards for design and production, domestic and foreign products using high quality stainless steel material, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, machinery, food, electric power, and other sectors of the pipeline device, installation, engineering support, the majority of customers use, made reliable quality, excellent service, high reputation.

Our well-equipped, advanced technology, with several pieces of equipment, large-scale machine tools, with the production of various size products capacity. Product variety, complete specifications, according to user requirements to develop a variety of standard or non-standard products. Reliable quality and reasonable price, is our continuous development foundation.We are willing to more products, better quality, best price welcome customers to visit the company negotiate.

Quality first, Reputation first
Our well-equipped, advanced technology, with several pieces of equipment, large-scale machine tools.




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